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In this globalization era, the internet has become our daily needs. The use of internet in English Learning and Teaching has become widespread, especially for learning and teaching speaking. By internet, there is no barrier in learning and/or teaching speaking by yourself. One way is through website.


Homepage of

There are so many websites outside there that will help you doing self-study. One of the website is is an online resource to teach speaking for ESL learners, to help you learn and practice the skill of speaking English. It’s the world’s premier free website for learners and teachers of English.

The website provides you the overview of teaching and learning speaking, the importance of speaking practice, and another material related to how we maximized our speaking skills in English. You can also motivate your students to practice their speaking more and more.

It provides you a lot of useful material related to improving your speaking ability, such as greetings, here you’ll know how to say hello in English. On these pages you can listen to and practice greeting people in a variety of situations, from the classroom to business. You’ll also know how to address people in English, how to make a telephone call, public speaking, presentation, casual conversation, and many more.

This website is totally worthy for the teacher or the students, even for everyone who wants to improve their speaking skills. Brought to you with simple interface and various materials, will improve your speaking ability in learning English. The topics provided also useful for our daily needed in speaking English, because it’s not just emphasizing in the academic purpose, but also in the daily communication.

For me, this is an appropriate website for everyone who wants to know more and who wants to improve their speaking skills in English. There are a lot of interesting and comprehensive materials here from the simple one (how to start a conversation, how to make a greeting, etc.) until the complex one (job interview, negotiation, etc.) which will easily guide you to reach a better proficiency in speaking skills.

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school,”
– Albert Einstein

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