How to Improve Your Speaking Skills

Improving your speaking skills is important since speaking is used as a way of communication. Here are some tips to improve your speaking skills:

  1. My first piece of advice is not to get too hung up on trying to sound like a native speaker. The first rule of speaking English is to learn to speak clearly and concisely.

  2. Try to avoid using idioms and slang. It might sound clever to say “You’re barking up the wrong tree,” but if you use it in the wrong situation, or if the other person simply doesn’t understand you, you’ll only look silly when you try to explain what you meant to say, or what it actually means.

  3. Get over any fear you might have of making mistakes. You will make mistakes.

  4. Be patient with yourself. Learning any language can be frustrating, but frustration won’t help you, so let it go.

  5. Grasp every opportunity you have to speak with people in English. Talk to friends who are also learning English. Go out together for coffee and only speak English to each other!

  6. Read short stories out loud and try to see, say and hear the words to reinforce your memory. Record yourself and play it back later, how does it sound?

  7. Find English speaking friends.

  8. Try singing along to English songs. With friends or in the privacy of your own bathroom.

  9. Practice! Practice! and Practice! 😀


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