Dear my students (D Class),

Because I can’t attend the class on Saturday, June 18, 2011, I will give you take home assignment. You have to do all of the assignment and submit it no more than Wednesday, June 22, 2011.

1. Download the assignment and do it in the answer sheet provided.



Submit your homework in the form of ‘soft file’ through e-mail to nawangwulan19@gmail.com.

The format of your file name is “CLASS_FULL NAME”, for example D_PAIJO SUMARDI.

2. Write your learning journal consisting of min. 250 words in the comment box below. Remember that the comment box below is only for D class.

You have to write your feeling and your experience during your learning time with me. You can use this format as your guideline.

Name    :

Class      :

  • Write your feeling in learning English with me.
  • Write your experience in learning English.
  • Write your expectation about yourself in learning English.
  • Write your suggestion about your teacher (me).

Your works (take home assignment and your comment in the comment box) will be used as your presence, so if you don’t submit it on time, you will be considered to be absence.

We’ll meet again on Saturday, July 2, 2011 to discuss your work and decide the schedule for having your post-test.

That’s all, guys. Do your best and Good Luck!


Miss Nawang

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  1. I think English is so important to us. Learning English is so fun. We can make a relationship with some stanger. When we go abroad, we can understand about their culture. We can enjoy our trip. Beside that, we can be a famous person easily. (ngarep :D). But sometimes English become something bored when it is about listening section and i can listen to the speaker clearly. (tp bukan saya tuli alias gag bisa denger, abis “speakernya” cepet si kalo ngomong, hehe :p)
    Mmm, about my expectation, I hope i can improve our English. In all aspect, like reading, listening, writing, and speaking. My problem in learning English is about the grammar. I know that when we can speak English well without grammar. But sometimes grammar is needed in speaking. And i don’t know when grammar is used and when it was not used.
    This is about my experience in learning English. I have learn English since i was in elementary school. It was about 4th grade. In that time, I just learn a little about English, like understanding about number, date and time, animal, things, etc. I started love English when i was junior high school. My teacher is so funny. There were some task which I can done it well. For example there was a writing task and I got a good command and good mark. When I was in senior high school, there were so many frinds who have good ability in English. Moreover they have higher ability.
    And the last, I enjoy learn English with you, Miss Nawang, especially about toefl. But I thing Toefl Tutorial is not like an activity that we have done now.Because it is like Grammar Tutorial. I hope you can give me some knowladge about Toefl. But I feel happy to have a Tutor like you. You give task that I can improve my English.


    In this modern era, english is very important for us. So, if I have abillity in spaking english, I think I will easier to find job. My motivation in learning english are ; I want to have many friends in the other countries and also I want to go around the world and also I want to make my parents proud about me. When I learning english, I got some challenges. Feeling lazy is the one of the biggest challenge in learning english. But I must fight those feeling. Usually many students are lazy to read english magazine or newspapar, where as with reading we can enrich our vocabulary and our knowlegde. And then the second is grammar. In learning english, grammar is one of important part. If you can’t understand about grammar, you can’t speak english well. But I think some students have some problems about grammar because some subject are difficult to understand.
    I have many expectation in learning english. If I fluent in english I want to be anoverseas teacher. Beside that if I have abilty in learning english, it will be easier to me to find a job such as if I want to work in embassy or mutlinational companny I will have big chance. And the other my expectaion in learning english is I want go arround the world. Maybe someday with my ability in english I can work in europe or america.
    In this thread I am going to talk about my experience in learning English. My relationship with English started when I woke up from my bedroom and my mom say “GOOD MORNING”. It was at the age of 4 I guess. “GOOD MORNING” was the first English well formed sentence I managed to learn. Little by Little, I found myself learning two more English words; Yes and NO. After that, it seemed that I became satisfied with the English I had. At the age of 5, I started taking English courses in school. “Stand up” and “Sit down” were the first verbs (phrasal verbs) I learned there. Moreover, I managed, at last, to distinguish between “Right” and “Left”, and know the literal meaning of “Good” and “Bad”.
    My days in elementary school were not “englishly” happy, nor were they in high school, so I began to get disappointed. However, I frankly confess that I learned many English words at that period such as car, cat, dog, bed, where, when, did, go, come, beautiful, girl, boy etc., but my PROBLEM was that I did not know how and when to use them, and above all how to make sense of them. So whenever I tried to talk in English, I failed. Whenever I tried to write in English, I failed. Whenever I tried to read in English I failed. Whenever I tried to listen to English I failed. In brief, I simply failed four times, in speaking, in writing, in reading, and in listening.
    I’m feeling happy in this toefl class (D class) with you miss nawang. I don’t know what can I say to you. Thank you for all, you like a wonder woman or a super hero for me.  because of you I’m excited to study english. Suggestion? I think nothing. Umm.. maybe you must be a english’s lecturer in my class. And I’m sorry if I had a mistake to you. I hope we’ll meet again tomorrow or other day or other years. I’m not speaking english well, so I can learn English more over. I hope what I want about study english can be a real. Amin

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