Dear my students (G Class),

Because I can’t attend the class on Saturday, June 18, 2011, I will give you take home assignment. You have to do all of the assignment and submit it no more than Wednesday, June 22, 2011.

1. Download the assignment and do it in the answer sheet provided.



Submit your homework in the form of ‘soft file’ through e-mail to nawangwulan19@gmail.com.

The format of your file name is “CLASS_FULL NAME”, for example G_PAIJO SUMARDI.

2. Write your learning journal consisting of min. 250 words in the comment box below. Remember that the comment box below is only for G class.

You have to write your feeling and your experience during your learning time with me. You can use this format as your guideline.

Name    :

Class      :

  • Write your feeling in learning English with me.
  • Write your experience in learning English.
  • Write your expectation about yourself in learning English.
  • Write your suggestion about your teacher (me).

Your works (take home assignment and your comment in the comment box) will be used as your presence, so if you don’t submit it on time, you will be considered to be absence.

We’ll meet again on Saturday, July 2, 2011 to discuss your work and decide the schedule for having your post-test.

That’s all, guys. Do your best and Good Luck!


Miss Nawang

About nawangwulan19

Be GREAT in ACT, as you've been in THOUGHT!!!

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  1. well i think it fun but also boring.

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