Short Story Analysis : Standing in God’s Way

Standing in God’s Way

A short story by Holy Ametati

Trisha is a doctor at public hospital. It was only 7 PM, but Trisha was already down to the fourth baby she had helped delivering since her shift started on two o’clock this afternoon. She sighed, half in relief, half in desperation. She really needed a break. She permitted to Niko, her partner to swing out a bit for dinner. But he said that she just got a call from the ER. There’s a patient coming, and all of us are booked. It’ll be on her. Trisha made no attempt to hide her despair.

And then the medical student, Dini, who has accompanied the patient from the ER handed Trisha the patient’s form. A 29 year old woman, Lina, 39-weeks pregnant. Her reproductive history was G4P3A0, which meant that this was her fourth pregnancy, and she had delivered three kids previously, with no history of abortion or miscarriage. She was sent by a midwife because of vaginal bleeding.

Trisha did USG exam first at her patient. She checked the image of the baby, the amnion, and the placenta. She craned her neck closer to the screen, making sure that she had the right interpretation. The woman’s placenta wasn’t on the upper part of her uterus like it was supposed to be. She can’t give birth normally. She has to undergo a Caesarian, and they have to do it fast.

Trisha turned to the patient, and slowly explained to her about her condition. The patient’s face had become paler than when she had first entered the delivery room. She said that she had to ask her husband.

Trisha turned to Dini, asking her to bring the informed consent from to Lina’s husband. Trisha asked to Lina if she had other family member to hold of. And she gave her brother’s number.

Everything was ready for Lina’s surgery, all except the informed consent. Trisha waited for Dini, but there was no sign from her. So she decided to go to confront the husband herself. She met Dini in rush and she said that the husband won’t sign. She met the husband and explained that if his wife doesn’t undergo the operation as soon as possible, she might die, but he still won’t sign. He said that he doesn’t believe in any medical intervention, that if God decides that his wife should die giving birth to the child, then he’s not going to interfere.

Trisha cried out, shocked. What kind of twisted logic is that, she thought. He’s not going to let them try to save his wife. They are still trying to persuade him. He believed that the process of birth is one the most natural things in the world, and no man, or woman is allowed to meddle in what’s supposed to be God’s domain. If her wife dies delivering their child, then she would die sahid, and she’ll go to heaven.

Trisha took a deep breath. She knew the clock was ticking, and the more time she lost arguing with this man, the less time she’d have to save Lina’s life. She must take a detour; try a different tactic, because this one was obviously not going to work. Then she ran to the desk and snatched up the phone. She dialed Lina’s brother. She hastily identified herself, and lost no time in explaining the explanation to the man about Lina’s condition. Her brother is coming to sign the consent form. But since they don’t have the time to wait for him to get here, he had given them full permission to go ahead with the surgery now.

The flurry of activity fired up at Trisha’s urging orders, everyone moved as quickly as they could to make up for time lost. Ten minutes later, Lina was already prepped in the operating theater, and Trisha was scrubbing up alongside Niko.

The operation went without a glitch. The baby was taken out safely, the placenta was removed completely, and the wounds were stitched back neatly. It was a job well done.

Dini was running toward her, waving a paper in her hand. The informed constent. Trisha took the sheet from the med student’s hand, thanking her. Dini said that the brother came and straight away confronted the husband. Then they got into a shouting match, and when she left a second ago, they looked just about ready to rumble.

Trisha and Dini walked through the door, and the view that welcomed them almost made them laughing out loud. Trisha let out a cough and both men straightened up at the sight of her. Then she told to them that the surgery went well, and the wife is also well. The husband was so surprise, he didn’t believe she still did the operation.

Trisha recoiled, unprepared for the man’s unexpected reaction. Fortunately, the man whom she thought was the brother stepped forward and shook her hand in grateful gesture. He thanked to the doctor for everything that she has done, for calling him when this idiot who his sister married would just let her die without a fight.

The husband defend himself that he wouldn’t let her die, he just wouldn’t stand in God’s way. But Trisha answered if doing whatever she could do to save a person’s life is categorized as standing in God’s way, and then it is her job as a doctor to stand in God’s way. She was not saying she was playing God. On the contrary, God gave her the opportunity and skill to be able to save those who could be saved.

He said that she was his wife. As a husband, he had the full right to decide whatever happened to her. She belongs to him.

“I can’t believe you said that!” the brother shouted, and Trisha stepped back in shock when he suddenly pounced on the husband, driving his fist right across the other man’s jaw, sending him reeling to crash against the wooden bench. The men struggled on the floor for a while, before a group of men pounced on them in the effort to break the fight.

She heard someone called her, he’s Niko. She looked up and saw Niko staring at her. And they decided to have a dinner.


This story is about a doctor, Trisha, who faced with precarious condition. She got the patient, Lina, in placenta pravia condition and she had to do the operation to save her life. But when she asked at the patient’s husband, he didn’t permit her to do it. He didn’t believe in any medical intervention, that if God decides that his wife should die giving birth to the child, then he’s not going to interfere. He added that he wouldn’t let her die. He just wouldn’t stand in God’s way. But Trisha still did the operation without his permission, because she had it from Lina’s brother. When the husband protested of what she did, she said that what had she done was her job as a doctor to stand in God’s way.

Comment for this story:

This story is great. This was the first time I’ve read “Standing at The God’s way”, and I enjoyed it immensely. Trisha is like many other people, someone who finds that helping others is a must. But the husband believe that everything should be in the nature way. From here we know that sometimes something has two or more interpretation, depend on how someone believes it. The husband thinks from his belief side, but Trisha considers from the humanity side that she, as a doctor, has to do her job well. I really agree with what Trisha’s doing, for giving the best effort to save her patient.

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