A quote said ‘Everything happens for a reason’. When the first time I decided to take the education program, especially English education program, I did not have any specific reason why I did that. At that time, being a teacher became a new trend in our society because of the certification program held by the government. People assumed that this program offered a new hope to improve their (the teachers’) living standard. Following the trend, I thought it was my very first reason in joining the education program. And why I choose English is because I am interested in it. The more we are interested on something, the more we curious to know it deeper, so do I, as simple as that.

Time passed and I realized how reality taught me so many things. I learned that so many people are lucky to have a good education and some others are not. Some schools have good facilities and some others are lack of them. The students’ input is different from one to others. Those make the education quality differs from one school to others.

Now, I realize that becoming a teacher is not an easy thing to do. It needs not only knowledge, but also inspiration, courage, and creativity. It will be so powerful if a teacher combines all of them and be able to create what it called ‘moment’ in teaching and learning process. So when students get out of the class, what they got is not only the understanding of the material given, but also the ‘moment’ to be remembered and implemented.

To teach is to inspire; teaching is inspiring. In my opinion, a good teacher should motivate the students to study and have the interest on what they are learning, so that they can motivate themselves to get more and more than what they have already got from the teacher in school. The inspiring and motivating ‘moment’ in learning English will build students’ impression, interest, and willingness to like about English more and more. It will be a waste if a teacher teaches English but the students do not like and have no interest to learn English. Then I realize that being a motivating and inspiring teacher takes a lot of practice and experiences. That is why I always try to keep on doing good things for my students and trying to do my best to enhance my students’ interest in learning English. If they are interested in learning English, I hope that each one of them will be an independent learner who explores English even when he or she is out of school.

Teaching is an art. In my opinion, it is not merely about delivering the knowledge to the students and making them understanding the material, but also the way teacher delivering the material that suits students’ learning style. That’s why I called it as an ‘art’ because teaching style of a certain teacher will be very different from other teacher. The style will also be different depending on the students’ condition, class environment, and the school facilities. Knowing my students learning style is always be a good benefit for me in teaching them. I can create a nice and comfortable learning atmosphere for them, so that they can enjoy being in class. Once again, I learn that this thing needs a lot of practices, those we called ‘jam terbang’.

To teach is to share; teaching is sharing. Of course, when the teacher teaches, he or she shares his or her knowledge to the students. But I think teaching is not only about sharing the knowledge and material about a certain subject. When teacher teaches, he or she also shares his/her ideas, love, passion, spirit, and experiences and tries to make the students influenced to have passion in learning.

Let’s take a look at the reason behind ‘why I want to be an English teacher?’ English is an international language spoken in almost country in the world. By mastering English, it open a broaden knowledge to the global world. I want to give chances to my students to see the world through language, to give them hopes and dreams. Thus, learning English is the window to learn the world.

Moreover, by learning the world it is expected that the more we learn about our nation. This attitude will lead in improving our nationality. Also, by learning other cultures it is hoped the more we learn and love our culture. Seeing these chances, we can use English as a mean of reflection. English allow us to see and learn from others, to make us know better about ourselves. The more we know, the more we love our country.

There are so many dreams and expectation of ‘why I want to be an English teacher?’ I want to challenge myself to be able to inspire the next generation to be a better person through language. It is a powerful thing to inspire, motivate, and share good things. So that later, my students will be able to inspire, motivate, and share good things to others.

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