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Hi guys, how was your holiday? Hope it was great for you all.. 😀

Here, I explain your final project on journal reading course. It is individual task, so you have to do it well.


  1. Hand-writing(writing template is available)
  2. Paper size A4.
  3. Each Komting of every class will compile the works and submit it well-bound (satu SGD 1 jilidan, dijilid rapi).
  4. Don’t forget to attach your photograph (4×6) on the cover provided.
  5. Cover paper size A4, cover color >> SGD 14 (Blue), SGD 15 (Pink), SGD 16 (Yellow), SGD 17 (Green)
  6. Submit it on the date you are having final test (in the mid of January). Late submission will not be considered



SGD 14 – 17


Instructor: Miss Nawang Wulan

1. Download the following journal:

2. Analyze the journal based on these questions:

  1. Identify the PICO of the journal.
  2. How was the problem identified & formulated?
  3. What was the objective of the study?
  4. What was the hypothesis of the study?
  5. Formulate the clinical question of the study.
  6. What was/ were study design(s)  used by the researcher?
  7. When and where was the study conducted?
  8. How were the setting and subject determined? How was the sample drawn?
  9. What types of instruments were used in the study?
  10. Mention the inclusion and exclusion criteria of the patients.
  11. How was the study procedure conducted?
  12. How was the data gathered? Who gathered the data?
  13. What technique of analysis was/were used by the researcher?
  14. What was/were the result like?
  15. What was/were the strength(s) and weakness(es) of the study?
  16. Was/Were there any side effect(s)of the study? If there was/were, explain it/them.
  17. What was the conclusion of the study?

3. Find an appropriate journal based on the following case. Make sure you analyze the clinical problem of the patient carefully and thoroughly. Then, decide 1 journal which appropriate with the patient’s case. Give a comment why you choose that journal.

Henry is an active 5 year old boy. His mother brought him in for a check-up because Henry has had a fever and a sore throat for several days.  
You suspect Strep and take a throat culture. The standard treatment for Streptococcal Pharyngitis is oral Penicillin three times a day. However, for Henry and his mother, you are concerned about compliance and the expense of this medication. 
You recall that a drug representative recently told you that a daily dose of amoxicillin is just as good as penicillin, but costs less. You want to review the literature before you decide on amoxicillin for Henry and possibly changing your standard practice.

4. Writing template can be downloaded here >> TAKE HOME FINAL TEST


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