Personal Response towards the Text “Children Live What They Learn”

Nawang Wulan

English Education Program

Post Graduate Program – Semarang State University

I find this poem either very interesting or inspiring. The message conveyed in this poem is delivered in a certain way so that it is clear to be understood easily by the readers. The content states a fact or an opinion about cause and effect relation in which there is a contribution between environment and children’s attitude and behavior. Here, the writer might aim to convey information, to reflect in a particular phenomenon, or to persuade the readers, especially parents, teachers, and adults, that they have to be aware of the surroundings they create to their children.  These are showed in the used of powerful nouns, verbs, and adjectives to accomplish those purposes.

From the sentence pattern used by the writer, we know that it belongs to an informative text. The writer acts as the information provider as he/she uses declarative clauses in his/her writing. He/she uses them because he/she needs to convey his/her opinions explicitly and ideas clearly.

In addition, I find this text very cohesive and coherence. The cohesive effect is achieved by the selection of the writer’s vocabulary. He/ she uses the repetition of a near synonym words to link the idea under the same topic. Those are not only to provide cohesion, but they also determine the sense of each word in a given context.  Another cohesive feature found in this text is conjunction. Here, we can find ‘if’ which indicate the conditional meaning of the sentence. Since this text it is written in zero form, we can conclude that it expresses an implication of a certainty that if one fact holds, then so does the other. The cohesiveness can also be found in the syntactic repetition used by the writer. He/she writes the sentences in a consistent style and structure. In terms of coherence, this text is considered to be effective in delivering the intended message. It could make a strong impression to the readers, too.

In my opinion, I think the writer tries to put as much emphasis on some words to create different impression on the readers’ mind. The stress differences between the words are identified by the use of bold and capital letter. Therefore, the different tone could be created to distinguish the statement. The bolded capitalized words consist of positive and negative human feelings. It is arranged in such a way that it creates various senses on the readers.

Personally, I think the message is clear to me. It is great to reflect on these points often. In one hand, as the poem expresses, children need encouragement, tolerance, praise, acceptance, approval, recognition, sharing, honesty, fairness, kindness and consideration, security, and friendliness. It is easy to say that every child deserves these things. In other hand, the negative feelings like criticism, hostility, fear, pity, ridicule, jealousy, and shame would create the tremendous effects on our children. We all need to remember that how we treat children is how they will be. If we treat them in a good way, they will also be well-behaved.

By reading this poem, it is hoped that parents, teachers, or adults could raise their children in an environment full of positive experiences. They should teach their children that life should be treasured and valued. Moreover, it can be used for teaching, not only to educate the parents about what they should and shouldn’t do, but also to teach the children to be aware of their surroundings. Teachers can also use this text to teach about poem and vocabulary. Finally, it is expected that this poem could inspire us to create a better future for our children.

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