Guys, take a look at the pictures below! What do you think about these pictures?

UFO (Unidentify Flying Object)

Then, try to answer these questions:

  1. What is your opinion relating to the pictures?

  2. What are UFOs and what do they look like?

  3. What do the reported aliens look like?

  4. How do you explain the numerous sightings of these objects?

  5. Do you think that UFOs really exist?

UFO: A Story to Remember

Police Officer : Hello. 24th Precinct. Officer Jones speaking.

Man                  : Help. Yeah, uh, it was wild, I mean really bizarre.

Police Officer : Calm down sir! Now, what do you want to report?

Man                  : Well, I’d like to report a UFO sighting.

Police Officer : A what?

Man                  : What do you mean “what?” An unidentified flying object!

Police Officer : Wait; tell me exactly what you saw.

Man                  : Well, I was driving home from a party about three hours ago, so it was about 2:00 AM, when I saw this bright light overhead.

Police Officer : Okay. And then what happened?

Man                  : Oh, man. Well, it was out of this world. I stopped to watch the light when it disappeared behind a hill about a kilometer ahead of me.

Police Officer : Alright. Then what?

Man                  : Well, I got back in my car and I started driving toward where the UFO landed.

Police Officer : Now, how do you know it was a UFO? Perhaps you only saw the lights of an airplane [No], or the headlights of an approaching car [No]. Things like that happen, you know.

Man                  : Well if it was that, how do you explain “the BEAST”?

Police Officer : What do you mean, “the BEAST”?

Man                  : Okay. I kept driving for about five minutes when all of a sudden, this giant, hairy creature jumped out in front of my car.

Police Officer : Oh, yeah. Then what?

Man : Well, then, the beast picked up the front of my car and said, “Get out of the car. I’m taking you to my master!” Something like that.

Police Officer : Wow? A hairy alien who can speak English! Come on!

Man                  : I’m not making this up, if that’s what you’re suggesting. Then, when I didn’t get out of the car, the beast opened the car door, carried me on his shoulders to this round-shaped flying saucer, and well, that’s when I woke up along side the road. The beast must have knocked me out and left me there.

Police Officer : Well, that’s the best story I’ve heard all night, sir. Now, have you been taking any medication, drugs, or alcohol in the last 24 hours? You mentioned you went to a party.

Man                  : What? Well, I did have a few beers, but I’m telling the truth.

Police Officer : Okay, okay. We have a great therapist that deals with THESE kinds of cases.

Man                  : I’m not crazy.

Police Officer : Well, we’ll look into your story. Thank you.

Source >> http://www.esl-lab.com/story1/story1.htm

Here, I also provide you with the audio of the conversation so you will know how to pronounce the words correctly.


Now, take a look at the pictures below!

Do you know who he is? To know more about him, look at the video below.

After watching the video, I believe that you got more information about Einstein’s experience. Now, try to retell the Albert Einstein Biography.

Learn the conversation below!

Yi Jianlian is still fairly new to the NBA. He plays for the Washington Wizards. Before coming to the United States, he won three championships in China and many awards. Other than Yao Ming, Yi is the most well-known Chinese basketball player.

Jason: Welcome to English, baby! I am Jason here with Yi Jianlian. How are you doing today?

Yi       : Good, good. How are you?

Jason: I’m doing well. You’ve been here in the US for a few years. How much English did you know when you got here?

Yi       : Oh, just a little bit. Not much.

Jason: Where had you learned it? Did you learn it in school in China?

Yi       : Yeah, I learned a little bit in school, and I learned a lot more over here.


Yi says that he only knew a little bit of English before coming to the US. Since he has been here, he has learned a lot more. When he first arrived, he didn’t do interviews in English, so you can tell he is confident speaking it now.

Can you think of a time when you attacked a goal in your life the way Yi attacks the basket?

Talking about Past Actions Using Simple Past Tense

You can use the simple past tense to talk about an action that begin and finish at a specific time in the past.

Yi uses the simple past tense when he says he learned a little English in school, and he learned a lot more once he got to the US.

You can form many past tense verbs by adding -ed to the end of the base form of the verb. For example, as Yi shows, the past tense of learn is learned.

But be careful! There are many irregular verbs in English which are formed differently in the simple past tense.

Here are some sample phrases and sentences for talking about past actions.


Learn more about Simple Past Tense from the video


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  4. Very nice blog!
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